Just setting up my Hugo

Hello world! This is my first post published via Hugo on my first blog. A lot of firsts there :)

My name is Tarik and I am a software engineer from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I work as an iOS developer at Bicom Systems where my main focus is working with VoIP and instant messaging. Before that I worked as a part-time web developer and in my free time I am also playing with Go.

I will try to post weekly about my software engineering practices, findings and snippets where the topics will mostly cover iOS development since it is my primary interest.


I am using this opportunity to announce that I open sourced the theme I am using for my blog. It is called Inceptor (latin word for beginner) and it is available on GitHub. It served me to learn more about Hugo, how it works and how it is composed.

Inceptor is a simple, fast and responsive Hugo theme for blogging. It is SEO friendly, it has Disqus and Google Analytics support and almost everything that you can see is customizable. I plan to add more features as time goes by and I learn more!

More information about installation and configuration can be found in the repository README of Inceptor.

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